Butterfly Buzz is the vision of the agency’s founder, 
Bita Milanian, who along with her team of marketing professionals and business affiliates helps rising artists and entrepreneurs maximize their potential for success by providing strategically designed publicity, brand management and marketing services.

The agency helps launch and advance artists’ careers to achieve the widest possible exposure among their target audiences and the media. It also presents concerts, film and fashion shows, exhibitions and fundraising events independently and in collaboration with studios, galleries, cultural and philanthropic institutions, producers and entertainment agencies.

Our tagline – Let’s Fly! – defines our mission in two words!

Public relations and marketing are key to success. We have assembled a first class network of communications experts and producers to help artists and creative businesses materialize their dreams and achieve their goals.

Our services range from short and long-term marketing strategies to positioning, messaging, media relations and more. Whatever your needs, the Butterfly Buzz team takes your concept and gives it wings.

So, don’t wait. Let’s Fly!

Butterfly Buzz is dedicated to the memory of Najibeh Nouri-Milani who devoted her life to educating young children how to love and be proud of their Persian heritage; she is my true inspiration in life.”
Bita Milanian, Founder