Butterfly Buzz clients can take advantage of the expertise of a network of experienced consultants, creative talents and communicators.

Bita Milanian
Consultant & Publicist

Bita Milanian serves as the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at GENBAND ( & its division; a global leader in real time communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers, operating in over 80 countries. With over 20 years of marketing, branding and communications experience, Bita has held senior-level marketing positions at various global and startup companies. Prior to joining GENBAND, she held the top post of Executive Director for Farhang Foundation ( and is also the founder of the creative and consulting agency Butterfly Buzz ( A passionate community organizer, Bita actively volunteers her time and expertise in support of numerous causes and organizations, and is a popular speaker at various conferences and programs on the topics of technology, philanthropy, art, culture, social justice and gender equality.
Bita has been a social media influencer and blogger since 2000, leveraging her expertise in online platforms for business to raise the profiles of global entrepreneurs, immigrants and artists alike. Although an Angeleno for nearly 30 years, Bita considers herself a global citizen and focuses her efforts on that scale. She is fluent in Persian and German, and proficient in conversational Spanish, French and Azeri Turkish. As a seasoned traveler, she has had the pleasure of experiencing cuisines from various corners of the world. “Food connects us,” Bita writes, “and when we are connected, we have the power to bring cultures together for positive change.”

Behrooz "Bruce" Ghavami
Artistic Direction

Bruce Ghavami has over 25 years experience in designing homes and commercial properties, as well as staging.  He has a superb sense of  design, color, harmony and overall look and feel of a space to create the desired atmosphere.  He's based in Los Angeles, but travels throughout California to provide his broad range of design and consulting services.


Kevin Milanian
Multimedia Specialist

Kevin Milanian is a talented, self-taught video and multimedia developer who started his career in architecture and civil engineering over 30 years ago, designing and developing many residential and commercial projects in Iran and U.S. His artistic abilities and passion to create content that deliver the “message” to the audience has been raved by many of his clients. Attention to detail and desire to deliver quality projects is Kevin’s key signature.

Michael Levy
Website Development

Michael Levy lives and works in Shelburne, VT. He uses a holistic approach during the Web creation process. Consideration is given to accessibility, search engine optimization, and usability throughout the course of Web site construction. When not working in Web media, Michael practices photography and jazz guitar.


Advisory Board Members
Butterfly Buzz' advisory board consists of some of the most successful and accomplished professionals and philanthropists who appreciate and value art and creativity in business :

Here is a short list of some of our affiliates with whom we collaborate on projects. The list is updated regularly, as we develop new relationships with other great organizations with whom we share similar goals and values.


"Bita was the engine behind an almost impossible concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Bringing an unknown musical ensemble from Iran, on a holiday weekend, was a challenging task; but with her strategic, grassroots marketing and publicity campaign, Homay & The Mastan Group concert became summer 08’s fastest sold-out show at that venue. Butterfly Buzz is our choice for our impossible creative events.”
Jul '08 Bita Shafipour Founder, SoCiArts Productions